Note again all downloads are for preview only. Be rest assured if anything went wrong it will only break some Virtual machines in the data centre, you can simply delete the deployment to try again. :)

#File NameMD5VersionDate
1 ServiceConfiguration.Cloud.cscfg - - 2013-02-11 *
2 fourtytwo.cspkg 69a06a89d5ed534f489c7fe75514d0cc - 2013-02-11 **
3 Fourtytwo-2013-2-11-22-21.bacpac - - 2013-02-11 **

* This is a dummy file, please config before use, follow the How To for instructions.
When you use IE 9 to download files, for the .cscfg file please right click on the link and choose "Save as", and remember to give the correct extension other than the suggested .xml. (In fact this is an XML file, IE 9 guessed right, but still annoying as we prefer to be prompted with "save as" with normal click.

** When you click .cspkg and .bacpac IE 9 will ask you what do you want do with this .zip file. IE 9 guessed correct again, those two files are in fact zip files, but remember to give the correct extension when you choose "Save as".